The story so far...

I started playing the guitar when I was 14 and since then I’ve been a solo guitar player and songwriter for many rock and progressive bands until 2008 when the project of an Acoustic Trio took off, I overcame a ridiculous fear of singing and became a lead singer as well, sharing the role in the band with my brother Giuliano. 

Meanwhile I studied composition at the conservatory in my hometown Udine where I also practiced piano ( I'm still very bad at it...) as a complementary instrument, I wrote some orchestral or solo instruments pieces during my studies and I still practice orchestration especially when I write music for movies or documentaries.

With different projects I toured many countries including U.S., Great Britain, Denmark, Holland and in 2013 I’ve been guitar player and opening act for Eric Martin’s European tour with whom I had my first shows in Eastern Europe, an area that I recently toured again with my acoustic trios (4B and Woodnite). 

Since 2017 I'm singing with "Quintorigo" an extraordinary italian band with a unique sound that you can listen to in our brand new double album "Opposites" realized during summer 2018 for Egea.

 I love writing lyrics as well and I'm considering the idea of composing a novel in the future. I try to meditate daily, I’m an amateur muay thai practitioner and I consider these practices among my great ‘teachers’. I’m interested in philosophy, psychology and I love cooking, I think this art and music have some deep common elements. 

In november 2019 I published "Kama" my first album as a solo album that you can listen on all the streaming platforms and buy or download here on my website!  In Kama there are plenty of musical styles, languages and sounds, it is really fresh and profound, a musical paradox! ;-)

Performing live with Woodnite

Performing live with Woodnite